Terms To Understand When Buying Auto Insurance For The First Time

If you are new to buying auto insurance and are purchasing your first policy right now, you will likely have some questions about the terms used with it. This is quite normal for a person who has never purchased auto insurance before, and it is very important to understand some key terms, as this will help you purchase the right types of coverage for your vehicle. Here are three important terms you should understand as you start looking for an auto insurance policy. Read More 

3 Signs That You Need To Call Your Homeowner’s Insurance Agency

If you are like a lot of homeowners, you might not think about your homeowner's insurance policy too much. Although you might think about it when you have to pay your premiums, there is a good chance that you don't talk to your insurance agent too often. This can be a bad thing, however, because there are some instances in which it is important to talk to your homeowner's insurance provider. Read More 

When Will Homeowner’s Insurance Protect Your Personal Property?

Is all of your personal property insured? If your property is damaged in your car or outside of your home, is it still covered? Homeowners insurance is really more like a personal property insurance policy and the answers may not be as straightforward as you assume. There are situations in which you may or may not be covered, depending on your individual policy. When It's In Your Home -- But Not Always Read More 

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

If you are a homeowner and you have many valuable items inside your home, you will want to take precautions to keep them safe from potential theft. There are a few steps you can take to help keep thieves from trying to steal your belongings. Here are some things you can to in your own home to safeguard your precious items. Keeping Items To Yourself Whether you have an expensive stereo system, television or heirloom jewelry, keeping items out of site is important to keep thieves from being tempted to rob you. Read More